Where do enquiries come through?

There are a number of ways enquiries come through to VouchedFor professionals.

The enquirer puts an enquiry through your Public Profile  

If an enquiry comes through this journey that's great news, it means that the enquirer has seen your profile and decided that you are the best match for them, congratulations! Before the enquiry can go through to you the consumer goes through our automatic filters and confirms that they meet the criteria. If they don't meet your criteria our site will suggest some alternative advisers who are a better match for them.

The enquirer calls the number on your profile and we send their message through

If an enquirer likes the look of your profile they may decide to dial the number on your profile. These numbers come through to our consumer team who ask them all the questions that are covered on our enquiry form to ensure that the enquiries that come through this way are just as high quality. If they don't meet your criteria we will suggest that they contact another adviser in their area who may be able to help.

The enquirer puts an enquiry through one of our partner sites  

We work with partners such as The Independent to power their professional search listings. Consumers may come across your profile on one of these sites and put a message through to you. These enquiries go through the exact same filtering process as our standard consumer journey.

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