Starter Membership

When you sign up to VouchedFor you will be on our Starter membership. It is completely free and allows you to:

  • Build up your profile, adding information about yourself
  • Receive invaluable feedback from your clients and prospects about your services 

The Starter membership is great for credibility. Your profile can be found by anyone who types your name into Google when doing their research on you. Having a profile full of client reviews on an independent website is a great way to show that your clients vouch for you. 

On this membership, you are not visible in our search listings and you do not have access to our marketing tools. These are benefits that you can unlock if you move onto our Verified membership.

If you are on The Starter membership and would like to reap the additional benefits of being on one of our paid plans, please call 0203 111 0580 to speak with one of our Account Managers. Alternatively, go to Settings and Billing and press 'Upgrade'.

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