How to use: VouchedFor reputation tools

Used right, your tools increase referrals, and ultimately clients, from ALL sources.

You've put in all the work to build great client reviews on VouchedFor, so why not tell the world?

Fully verified members have access to tools (e.g. ratings badges, email signatures, certificates, guide listings) that build confidence at every touchpoint; your social media, website, emails, letters, office, face-to-face...

When used effectively (which is easy, as you'll see) reputation tools help you generate:

  1. More website visits, VouchedFor profile views and Google search appearances for you and your company.
  2. More referrals, website enquiries, leads, calls etc.
  3. A higher % of prospects proceeding to meetings.
  4. A higher % of meetings converting to clients.
  5. A higher client retention rate. 

    N.B. Many VouchedFor members are close to or at client capacity. They use the tools to help generate the one or two extra clients they do have capacity for. And/or to get the recognition they deserve for doing a great job for their clients.

For example:

  1. Your Email Signature Rating Badge encourages your client to recommend you to their friend (because your client can see your other clients also think you're great!)
  2. Their friend visits your website, sees your Live Ratings Widget and decides to contact you.
  3. On your first email to them, you attach your Certificate of Excellence. This gives extra reassurance and they meet you.
  4. When you meet them you take along a paper copy of the PDF of Independently Verified Reviews which you show them and their partner. They decide to become your client because of your strong reputation.

See all the other benefits of being on a paid plan, not just the reputation tools.

Here's a list of our reputation tools...

Email Signature Badge

The Email Signature Badge is a way for you to let everyone you email know that you are 'vouched for' and that you are well-rated.

Simply download the image and place it in your email signature and then link it back to your VouchedFor profile.

Depending on what email client you use, the exact instructions to add it will be different (we have put together a separate guide to help you), but the general format is as follows:

  1. Download the email signature by clicking the image. Alternatively you can highlight the image and copying the image (right click and press copy)
  2. Open up your email and navigate to where you can 'edit' your email signature
  3. Paste (right clicking and press past) the image into the part of the email signature you want.
  4. In a new tab, open up your VouchedFor public profile (you can search for yourself here:
  5. Copy the URL at the top of your public profile, e.g
  6. Back in your emails, highlight the VouchedFor badge you have already inserted.
  7. Click the 'link' button
  8. Paste the URL into the 'link to' box.

For help in adding the badge, please contact our Member Coach team on 0203 111 0580

Live Ratings/Reviews Widget

This badge provides an up-to-date overview of your independently verified reviews which you can place on your own firm website to show visitors that you are well-rated by your clients. There are individual adviser badges as well as firm badges available.

To learn how to install your widget, please look at our short video.

When placed prominently, the badge will show prospects from all sources that you are well regarded by your clients!

Having your reviews displayed in more than 1 location helps you generate maximum value from them.

If you are at a large company - you could put it by your About Me section, if there is one.

There is an individual Ratings/Reviews Widget under the Reputation Tools tab.

There is a firm Ratings/Reviews Widget under the Firm Tab (you may need to select and save 'I am Firm Admin' to access it).

Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence is available to everyone with 10+ reviews in the last 12 months (client reviews only, not first impressions), with an average rating of 4.5+ from those reviews. 

The Certificate is released in the first week of each quarter. 

You can learn more in our article explaining how to use the Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence is a chance to display your well-rated status to prospects from VouchedFor as well as all other sources.

Here are some examples of where to display your quarterly Certificate of Excellence:

  1. Pin it on your office wall
  2. Display it in your office window
  3. Put it in a welcome pack to new clients/enquirers (alongside your PDF of reviews) 
  4. Attach it to your emails
  5. Place it on your waiting room table
  6. Place it on your website
  7. Add it to social media, e.g. tweet it each quarter
  8. Post it alongside portfolio reviews you send to your clients
  9. Write it on your VouchedFor profile, e.g. "Ask me about my Certificate of Excellence!"
  10. Wallpaper your house with it (OK, maybe not this one...)

The longer you stay on VouchedFor, the more certificates you will receive and the more impressive they will look next to one another. The number of reviews and star rating will change with each quarter to show you are constantly getting good reviews from clients.

PDF of your Reviews

If you receive enquiries from sources other than VouchedFor (we're sure you do!), how will those prospects know that your clients all rate you highly?

The PDF of reviews enables you to show off your genuine, independently verified, client reviews to all prospects. If it helps just 1 enquirer decide to use your services then it was time well spent collecting those reviews!

The PDF can (and should) be put in all the same places as the Certificate of Excellence!:

  1. Pin it on your office wall
  2. Display it in your shop window
  3. Put it in a welcome pack to new clients/enquirers (alongside your Certificate of Excellence) 
  4. Attach it to your emails
  5. Place it on your waiting room table
  6. Place it on your website
  7. Add it to social media, e.g. tweet it each quarter
  8. Post it alongside portfolio reviews you send to your clients

Fee Report

You can now see how your fees compare to other advisers through your Fees and Fee Insights Tab. It will give you insights into the market rates and see how your fees compare.

There is the option to share the insights through the Fee Report, which is a consumer-friendly webpage showing how you compare.

Share your reviews

As social media is playing an increasing role in marketing strategies, you are now able to share every review on facebook, linkedin and twitter!

Under your reviews tab, click on a review that you'd like to share.

You are able to share the entire review or a selected section. To share the whole review you can click one of the social icons at the top of the screen:

If you are wanting to share part of the review, if you highlight the portion that you'd like to share and this will cause a pop up to appear. Click on the social icon that you would like to share it on:

Don't forget to tag us on social media when you do! We'd love to help share your great feedback!

2021 Guide

In April 2021, we'll be publishing the 2021 Guide To The UK's Top Rated Financial Advisers. The Guide is the UK's biggest celebration of great financial advice and calls out individual advisers who are doing a brilliant job for their clients.

If you qualify as a Top Rated Adviser, you'll be featured in the Guide and will have access to special Top Rated tools, such as the Top Rated Report, Top Rated email signatures and the Top Rated Certificate of Excellence.

To get involved or to find out more, please call our Member Coach team on 0203 111 0580.


Hopefully you find these tips useful and use our tools to generate more referrals and clients from all sources. One final tip - be sure to measure the full results by comparing overall enquiries, meetings and clients generated before and after you joined VouchedFor.

For any help, please call our Member Coach team on 0203 111 0580 or click here.

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