What types of enquiries do VouchedFor help generate?

There are three types of enquiries VouchedFor help with, read on to find out more!

Direct Enquiries

These are enquiries that are submitted through VouchedFor when:

  • A consumer has searched on the site and has decided to make contact with you through the site
  • A consumer has called in to ask for help in searching for an adviser, our team will direct them through the site and help them find the "best matched"

Potential Indirect Enquiries

These enquiries represent the number of visitors to your VouchedFor profile. They have spent longer than 2 minutes look at your profile before leaving the site and going onto another, often your own.

You can see how many indirect enquiries we've estimated that you've received here.

Assisted Enquiries

These are enquiries that are received through the use of the VouchedFor referral generator.

Our referral generator allows advisers to invite clients to refer friends or family members to their adviser, for no additional cost!

You can learn more here or try it out here.

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