What is the Reputation Score?

Why is the Reputation Score useful?

  • It's an easy way for you to track your progress and ensure you're doing all you can.
  • It gives you a clear view of the actions that will generate the most value for you.

What makes up your Reputation Score?

Your Reputation Score is made up of 3 key sections:
  • Your profile. Having a strong, complete VouchedFor profile helps build confidence with everyone who sees it, including those who find it on Google. We recommend you upload a professional photo and complete the About me, Qualifications and Fees sections. Learn more about what make a great profile.
  • Your reviews. Make sure you're gathering reviews regularly, as it will increase your visibility and shows clients that you value their feedback. The most successful VouchedFor advisers get at least 1 new review per month. They do this by making review requests a key part of their process (for instance, during annual reviews). Learn more about gathering new reviews.
  • Your reputation tool usage. Keep using all of your reputation tools (e.g. Certificate of Excellence, Review Portfolio) and make sure you qualify for our Top Rated Guides. These show everyone you contact that you're doing a brilliant job for your clients - driving more referrals and improving conversion. The most successful VouchedFor advisers use their reputation tools in all their communications. Note that you only have access to reputation tools if you are on a Verified or Unlimited plan. Learn more about using reputation tools.

How should your Reputation Score be used?

  • Consider it as the answer to the question, 'Have I done as much as I possibly can to build and showcase my reputation?'
  • Follow the recommended actions on your dashboard to drive progress and improve your score.

Note that your Reputation Score is visible only to you. We will not share members' Reputation Score with the public.

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